The United Federation of Planets is an interstellar alliance of over 150 member planets, spanning an 8,000 light-year area of the Milky Way galaxy. Their primary agency for deep-space exploration, scientific, diplomatic and defensive missions is known as Starfleet. In the year 2367, Starfleet began a long term, and highly secretive scientific study called "Project Starlight." The goal of Project Starlight was to investigate and understand the subspace tunneling phenomena known as wormholes in the hopes that one day they would have the ability to artificially create wormholes, as an aid to deep-space exploration.

In 2372, a Trill science team visited space station Deep Space 9 in an effort to study the Bajoran Wormhole. Much data was gathered and used for Project Starlight. And when Project Pathfinder was created to find a way to retrieve the USS Voyager, which disappeared into the Delta Quadrant in 2371, Project Starlight had a partner with whom to share their information.

In 2376, ten years after it had begun, Project Starlight had reached its operational stage and a fleet of starships was assembled to make the 42,000 light-year journey. Unfortunately Romulan spies, thinking this new technology was a weapon better used for Federation invasion strategies, attacked the wormhole generating array, destroying it. Since then a handful of ships and a few thousand people have been stranded in an unexplored and distant spiral arm of the galaxy. While Starfleet attempts to rebuild ten years' work, the Starlight Fleet is left to fend for themselves and try to survive on this Dark Frontier…

Star Trek: Dark Frontier, "Tales of the Lost Fleet", is a fan based, independent website dedicated to the series of Star Trek role-playing games published by Last Unicorn Games. Taking place in the years following 2376 in a distant spiral arm of the galaxy, Dark Frontier follows the adventures of Starfleet's 28th Fleet as they seek out new life and new civilizations, forge new alliances and face new enemies. Can Federation principles and ideals survive outside the Federation?

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Crew View the cast of characters, including Starfleet personnel, civilians and natives of the T'burad Expanse.

Ships Find fleet listings and statistics on the ships of the 28th Fleet and learn about the alien vessels they encounter.

Technical Learn about new Starfleet and alien technologies.

Alien Cultures The alien civilizations of the T'burad Expanse, and some new Federation species as well.

Astrometrics Data on the geography and systems of the T'burad Expanse, including interactive maps

Library Step-by-step instructions on how to create your own character, race, or planet. Background data on the T'burad Expanse, fiction, and log entries.


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